Toxine botulique 2020 est une conférence qui se tiendra à Paris

Toxine botulique 2020 est une conférence qui se tiendra à Paris
Toxine botulique 2020 est une conférence qui se tiendra à Paris2020-02-07T17:38:56+00:00

Dear colleagues, dear friends,

We are happy to invite you to participate to the third edition of the “botulinum toxin 2020” conference which will take place in Paris, on the 13th of March 2020.

The use of botulinum toxin knows an extraordinary advantage which more and more patients benefit from, in a number of pathologies and medical specialties.

The richness of this conference resides in its multidisciplinary character, definitely practical. The subject is fascinating thanks to its variety and the diversity of the different represented specialties. Certains indications have been established, however a number of others still have to be defined through the use of the multiple clinical researches in progress.

The objective of this multidisciplinary day is to allow everyone to share their experience and to actualise their knowledge on the last evolution of the usage of botulinum toxin.

The head and neck indications will be considered by our ENT, maxillofacial surgeons, ophthalmologists and plastic surgeons friends and colleagues.

The indications in physical and rehabilitation medicine will make up a specific chapter. The mentioned topics will be extremely transversal and will interest our fellow sports doctors, rheumatologists, neurologists, pain doctors, urologists and gynecologists.

The indications in aesthetic medicine and surgery will again interest several specialties in a transversal way in order to promote exchanges between specialties: cosmetic surgeon, dermatologist, aesthetic doctors, facial plastic surgeons.

We are expecting you in Paris on March 13th 2020, at Les Salons Hoche, in the heart of Paris.

Best wishes

Jerome Paris MD, Guillaume Paris MD

Drs Jérôme et Guillaume PARIS