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Botulinum toxin conference 2020

Friday  March 13th  2020 – Salons Hoche – PARIS

Conference direction

Dr Jérôme Paris
Dr Guillaume Paris

Scientific direction

Dr Frédéric Braccini
Dr Frédéric Braccini
Dr Hervé Collado
Dr Hervé Collado
Dr Philippe Kestemont
Dr Philippe Kestemont
Dr Patrick Klap
Dr Patrick Klap
Dr Guillaume Paris
Dr Guillaume Paris
Dr Jérôme Paris
Dr Jérôme Paris

Scientific board

Pr Gérard  Amarenco (Neuro-Urology)

Dr Martine Baspeyras (Dermatology)

Pr Djamel Bensmail (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)

Dr Nicolas Berreni (Gynecology)

Dr Philippe Boudard (ENT & Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Dr Frédéric Braccini (ENT & Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Dr César Cartier (ENT & Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Dr Hugues Cartier (Dermatology)

Dr Isabelle Catoni (Dermatology)

Dr Olivier Claude (Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery)

Pr Cyrille Chossegros (Maxillo-facial Surgery)

Dr Hervé Collado  (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)

Dr Jean-Pascal Devailly (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)

Dr Arnaud Deveze (ENT & Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Pr Emmanuel Flamand Roze (Neurology)

Pr François Genet (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)

Dr Fabien Giausseran (Cosmetic medicine)

Dr Brigitte Girard (Ophtalmology)

Dr Viktor V Gladko (Dermatology)

Dr Charles Joussain (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)

Dr Philippe Kestemont (ENT & Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Dr Patrick Klap (ENT & Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Dr Jacques Lagier (Ophtalmology and oculoplasic surgery)

Dr Anne Le Pillouer Prost (Dermatology)

Dr Marie-Hélène Marion (Neurology)

Dr Albertine Marchadier (Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery)

Dr Pascal Mourtialon (Gynecology)

Dr François Niforos (Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery)

Dr Guillaume Paris (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)

Dr Jérôme Paris  (ENT & Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Dr Sylvie Poignonec (Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery)

Dr Victorine Quintaine (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)

Dr Danièle Ranoux  (Neurology)

Dr Olivier Richard (Maxillo-facial Surgery)

Dr Sophie Sangla (Neurology)

Dr Henri Sabatier (Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery)

Dr Eric Sarfati (Ophtalmology)

Pr Eric Viel (Pain medicine)

Scientific and medical societies

SFORL Société Française d’ORL et de Chirurgie de la Face et du Cou

SFCPEF Société Française de Chirurgie Plastique et Esthétique de la Face

SOPREF Société Ophtalmologique Plastique Reconstructrice Esthétique Française

GDEC -SFD Groupe Dermatologie Esthetique et  Correctrice – Société Française de Dermatologie

ANLFF Association des Neurologues Libéraux de Langue Française

SYFMER Syndicat Français de Médecine Physique et de Réadaptation

ANMSR Association Nationale des Médecins Spécialistes en Rééducation

SFSCMFCO Société Française de Stomatologie  Chirurgie Maxillo-Faciale & Chirurgie Orale

SFTS Société Française de Traumatologie du Sport

SAMCEP Société Avancée de Médecine et Chirurgie Esthétique et Plastique

Scientific institutions

DIU des actes de dermatologie esthétiques : règle de l’art et vigilance (Université Paris-Saclay)

EBAME Ecole des Beaux Arts de la Médecine Esthétique (Bordeaux, France)

FAM Face Aesthetic Masterclass (Marseille – Nice, France)

Fondazione Sanvenero Rosselli (Milan , Italy)

IMSS – Institut Médical Sport Santé (Paris, France)

MINO –  Medical Institute for Continuing Education  –  Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia)

Toxin Academy (Fribourg, Switzerland)


9h00-10h30 :

Plenary room

Chairs : J Paris, G Paris


More than 30 years of toxin – Sophie  SANGLA


Round table

F Braccini, J-P Devailly, G Castelnovo, B Girard, P Klap, S Malan, S Sangla, B Poulain

Basics of toxin. B Poulain

Medico-economic evaluation. J-P Devailly

Nerve sprouting and toxin   – Brigitte Girard

Indications of US guided injections – J Paris, G Paris, S Malan

Round table: US guided vs électrostimulation guided injections. S Sangla, P Klap, G Castelnovo, F Braccini



10h30-11h00 :

Coffee break
Exhibition visit

Room 1

ENT Head&Neck

Room 2

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Room 3

Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery

11h00-12h00 :

  Pharyngo-larynx session

Chair : César CARTIER, Patrick KLAP, Jérôme PARIS

Management of laryngeal dystonia with toxin. Jean-Paul Marie

Toxin and uppertract dysphagia. César Cartier

Rare spasmodic dysphonia : tip and tricks for toxin injection. Patrick Klap

Multiple Sclerosis

Chair : Jonathan LEVY, Marjorie SALGA

Which early stage patients should be injected? Victorine Quintaine

Toxin injection  strategy  for spasticity and overactive bladder. Jonathan Levy

Perineural vs intramuscular injection. Marjorie Salga VS François Droz Bartholet

  Anatomy and upper third of the face

Chair : Frédéric BRACCINI, Sylvie POIGNONEC

Face muscle applied anatomy. Sophie Converset, Philippe Kestemont

Toxin in the frontal-orbital area : technique optimization. Olivier Claude

Ptosis management with botulinum toxin. Eric Sarfati


12h00-13h00 :

TMJ & Mandibular dysfunction

Chair : César CARTIER, Cyrille CHOSSEGROS, Olivier RICHARD

Toxin for post radiation trismus. Christine Bach

Management of oromandibular dystonia. Jacques Majer

Toxin for TMJ  and mandibular dysfunction. Olivier Richard

  Movement disorders – Parkinson syndromes

Chair : Nicolas BAYLE,  Victorine QUINTAINE, Hayet SALHI

Toxin and essential tremor. Jean Marc Trocello

Parkinson syndromes and toxin. Nicolas Bayle

Neuro-urology and toxin. Charles Joussain

Lower third of the face and neck

Chair : Olivier CLAUDE, François NIFOROS

Applied anatomy of the neck and lower third. Philippe Garcia

Toxin in the nose and peri-oral area. Frédéric Braccini

Threads and toxin for symetrization of the lower third of the face. Sylvie Poignonec

Non surgical management of the aging neck. François Niforos

13h00-14h00 :


14h00-15h30 :

Plenary room

Mutlidisciplinary session

Chair : Patrick KLAP, Giovanni CASTELNOVO, Jérôme PARIS


Botulinum toxin and salivary glands

Botulinum toxin and hypersialorrhea. Giovanni Castelnovo

Botulinum toxin and obstructive salivary disorders. Cyrille Chossegros

Frey Syndrome, postoperative complications of salivary glands surgery and toxin. Jérôme Paris




15h30-16h00 :

Coffee break
Exhibition visit

16h00-17h00 :


Face symmetrization

Chair : Sophie CONVERSET, Brigitte GIRARD, Jérôme PARIS

Anatomy and face symmetrization. Sophie Converset, Philippe Kestemont

Hemifacial spasm and blepharospasm. Brigitte Girard

Periorbital and glance symmetrization. David Schapiro

Future indications of BTA

Chair : Arnaud DEVEZE, Charles JOUSSAIN

Anorectal disorders and toxin. Frédérique Le Breton

Myocardial toxin injection and cardia dysrhythmia. Emmanuelle Florens

Toxin and gynaecological indications. Pascal Mourtialon

Axillary and plantar hyperhydrosis. Albertine Marchadier

Toxin, Skin and Cicatrization

Chair : Isabelle CATONI, Hugues CARTIER

Skin healing and toxin. Hugues Cartier

Toxin and off label dermatological indications, review of literature. Maryam Miladi

True or false about toxin? review of the scientific literature. Isabelle Catoni

What about chinese toxins in private practice? Maryam Miladi

17h00-18h00 :

Pain and toxin

Chair : Giovanni CASTELNOVO, Eric VIEL, Danièle RANOUX

Botulinum toxin and headache. Danièle Ranoux

Neuropathic pain and toxin. Eric Viel

Trigeminal neuralgia, new therapeutic approach. Arnaud Devèze

Sport medicine and joints

Chairs : Hervé COLLADO, Guillaume PARIS

Arthrosis : toxine, PRP or hyaluronic acid? Hervé COLLADO, Christian COUTURIER, Guillaume PARIS

Para-sport : toxin and performance – François GENET

Exercise induced laryngeal obstruction and toxin – Marie MAILLY

Difficult cases in cosmetic toxin injections

Chair : Frédéric BRACCINI, Isabelle CATONI, Sophie CONVERSET, Philippe KESTEMONT

Case reports : how to avoid eyebrow ptosis?

Case reports : How to manage peri-oral bar code?

Case reports : how to inject the DAO?

Mindfulness myomodulation and face relaxation. Sylvie Lefranc

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